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There is Magic... All Around You...

Every Time You Walk in the Room

Cordelia Chase
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"I'm Cordelia. I don't think, I know."
The Girl

Cordelia Chase
AKA: Cordy, Vision Girl, Princess

Formerly of Sunnydale, CA. Formerly rich, popular, head of the high school cheerleading squad. However, after meeting a certain slayer and the rag-tag bunch that followed her, Cordelia's life was never the same. She learned of the dark side of the would, a side that she could never forget. Now, in the city of angels, Cordy finds herself living a life she never would have expected. Rather than becoming the famous actress she'd always dreamed of, her family lost their money, she lost audition after audition, and nearly lost her life.

It was only when Angel, the vampire with a soul, began Angel Investigations that she finally found her place in the world. Despite complaints, Cordelia loves the work they do. A paycheck here and there would be nice, but they were helping people. Truly saving lives! Cordelia even learned tolerate the visions, if it meant slaying vampires and demons and ridding the world of evil. Eventually, she even found herself embracing them.

The Stories

theuntakenroad - The Untaken Road - [post season five, resurrected]

divinemanifest - A Divine Manifestation - [post season two, episode 16 "Epiphany"] - [private storyline]

bloodsanctuary - Sanctuary - [early season three] - [private storyline]

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